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The Framing Corner
Art and Custom Picture Framing
27678 Santa Margarita Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Innovatively designed, skillfully handcrafted
Best Designs, Best Prices, guaranteed!
~Framing since 1989, experience the difference~
Best Designs, Best Prices, guaranteed!
~Framing since 1989, experience the difference~
Bryan Ventura - Photographer
Beyond Bryan's business skills he is also a wonderful
photographer with a stunning print series  of our
beautiful surrounding landscapes, the Saddleback
Chris Diset - Photographer
Chris has a very creative and excellent eye that truly
captures the moment.  Specializing in wedding
photography.  Check out his work and portfolio.
Liz Steinworth - Artist
Liz studied oil painting and drawing at LCAD and
has a true talent for capturing people and animals
and has a flare for the fantasy lover.  Liz works at
The Framing Corner where we have a variety of her
paintings for sale in the store.  She also offers
commission works of family and furry babies!
Elizabeth Wallace - Artist
Elizabeth creates beautiful landscape and portrait
compositions in original oils, prints and pastels.
The Art of Todd Elliott Cohen
Live art combining sculpture light and
photography.  Brilliant colored artwork  displayed
in custom made color changing light frames.
Mary Grbic - Painter
With her own unique style, Mary brings a blank
canvas to life.  Check out her beautiful creations.
Saddleback Art League
We welcome artists in all of the fine arts media
who are actively pursuing their goals of developing
and promoting their art
Angle of View Photography
We are a family of photographers from Southern
California and Colorado with a shared passion for
travel, nature and wildlife.
  Kathleen Poulus - Photographer
Photography allows Kathleen to forever claim a
small part of the places and events she has
experienced and then share them with you.
If you would like to be included on our list, send us
an email or stop by the store and we'll be happy to
consider adding you and a link to your work.
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